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Cope Solutions Canada

Community Engagement

Cope Solutions Canada is deeply committed to community engagement, offers a range of programs, services, and outreach initiatives designed to support and empower members of the community. By building partnerships and engaging with the community, Cope Solutions Canada is working to create socially stable and well-being communities that benefit all Canadians.


As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of marginalized communities across Canada.
We have a range of volunteer opportunities available that can be tailored to fit your interests and schedule, including program delivery, event planning, fundraising, and outreach and promotion. We value our volunteers and offer training, support, and ongoing recognition and appreciation for their contributions. Fill out our volunteer application form or contact us for more information to join our team in building stronger, more resilient communities.

four young multicultural volunteers in white t-shirts with volunteer inscriptions working in charity

Cope Solutions Canada

Our financial empowerment approach to poverty reduction helps low-income people participate and feel included in Canada’s financial system

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